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CARe CR Platform Meeting 3rd Nov 2021

We had such a good time at the November meeting of the CARe CR Platform. Our dear guest was Jean-Pierre Wilken, co-author of Model CARe and President of The CARe Network, who informed us about developments in the field of mental health care in the Netherlands, about the latest in Model CARe and his running projects.

We shared current issues from the practice of our organizations, introduced the Yucel Method and planned training in this method in CR, we have focused on exploring, how to support people in the recovery phase, when hope is difficult to find, how to develop relationship and use presence approach, or how to support cooperation between organizations in the system of mental health care.

Thank you for this inspiring and exceptional meeting, abundant participation, personal connection and mutual support.

And at the meeting we have planned some surprises for the next year. You have many things to look forward to :-)

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