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The Train-the-Trainer Programme in the CARe model provides the knowledge and skills to become a certified trainer in the CARe Model. The CARe Model is meant to support persons in vulnerable situations, due to psychiatric conditions, addiction, homelessness, poverty and marginalisation in their recovery process.

The CARe Model is aimed at increasing Quality of Life, self-reliance and community participation. CARe is an acronym for Comprehensive Approach to Rehabilitation. It was developed over the last 25 years by Jean Pierre Wilken and Dirk den Hollander from the Netherlands. CARe comprises theories, a basic vision, a practical working method and tools. Though its core essence has remained unchanged over the years – supporting people in achieving their desired level of quality of life – the methodology has evolved over time under the influence of new scientific understanding and social movements.

Furthermore, specific applications have been developed, e.g. for the purposes of reintegration to work. CARe is used in assisted living facilities, in mental health care services, in social services, homeless services, in ACT teams, in supported housing, in youth care, forensic care, and in addiction care. It is also used in supporting clients with an intellectual disability and clients with an autism spectrum disorder.

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