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Call For Proposal 2013 CARe Seminar

The CARe Network calls for proposals to its 2nd The CARe Network Seminar that will be organized in Tallinn, Estonia on the 7-8 of May, 2013. After our successful initial event in Budapest 2012 March, we would like to bring together the community of The CARe Network in order to discuss the improvements in our countries' mental health system.

The proposed topics of the event:

1. The role of consumers in the transformation of the mental health system

2. 100 ways to support recovery

3. Changing of the public image of services with creative ideas

During the event we will also hold our The CARe Network Second Board Meeting. We are accepting abstracts for short (max. 20 minutes) presentations until 15th of April 2013. For professionals and activists who are interested in our Seminar, the participation fee is 150 EUR.

For signing up to the event please contact us at:

Jean-Pierre Wilken, President, The CARe Network  Zsolt Bugarszki, Managing Director, The CARe Network  Jodee Lim, Program Coordinator, The CARe Network 

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