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Call For Abstracts #cnss2019

CARe Network and Nei Skoen will be organising a large summit event in 2019 May 30-31.

It will be held in Helmond, the Netherlands, summit venue is Nei Skoen Recovery Learning Community.

The hashtag for this event is #cnss2019 (

Programme is available and early bird registration opens now.

Tickets for low income countries and service users is EUR 25

Workshops and presentation is open for submissions til 1st February 2019


Inspiring new environments for recovery and inclusion. We offer participants an opportunity to present their innovative idea in our pitching[1] session. You can pitch your idea about a social entrepreneurship or regular business activity with strong social impact, a user-led initiative, a recovery college, a unique solution in community-based services, an innovative tech project aiming to support people with a mental-health problem, an application, platform, sharing economy initiative. Register at our Innovation Summit and pitch for the €Prize award that will be awarded to the best idea.

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