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Armenia's Progress

Updated: Nov 23, 2018


Press Conference

Together with the representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Social Affairs and with the president of the Armenian Psychiatric Association, a press conference was held introducing the new Mental Health Strategy of Armenia that has been amended by the government in April 2014.

CARe Europe's Director Zsolt Bugarszki was speaking about the importance of the achievement and about the basic principles of community-based services that hopefully will characterise the future of Armenia's mental health system.

Following the amendment of the new Strategy an even more important phase will be started now, the phase of implementation.

 "What was very promising is that during the press conference, for the first time I heard the representatives of the ministries publicly announcing that they will close down the large psychiatric institutions in line with the new strategy, re-allocating the resources from institutions to community care." - Zsolt Bugarszki

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