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Acceptance of Proposal


Tallinn, 15 April 2015.

Dear presenter,

We are happy to announce that your proposal has been accepted. In the attachment you will find the programme of the parallel sessions. This programme is also published on our website, including a description of your contribution.

Due to time restrictions it was not always possible to allow the time which was requested.

We count on your understanding and wish you a good preparation!

The conference committee,

Vaclav Matuska, Czech Republic

Alessandro Svettini, Italy

Jean Pierre Wilken, Netherlands

Practical information

1. Because of the limitations of our budget, all presenters (except the invited key note speakers) have to register for the conference. However we can offer you the discount for early bird registration (150 Euro) or, if your participation can not be paid by your employer, and you are a peer worker, service user of family member, you may be entitled to participate in the conference with a 75% discount (50 Euro). Please write to Jodee at and if you are eligible for this arrangement, you will get a discount code which you can use to subscribe to the conference.

Click here to subscribe!

2. All conference rooms are equipped with PC projection for image and sound, and flip charts. If you need any special facilities, please write to Jodee at

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