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3-year DI and the Active Citizen Fund (ACF)

New Deinstitutionalise Program New DI program was approved although with very stringent funds, therefore only 3 people will be DI-ed, but funds are provided to cover the costs.

ACF (Active Citizen Fund)

Also together with NGO Ludruga, in May 2020 started implementation of the ad hoc action project called "Advocacy and empowerment of people with mental health difficulties, mapping the needs and developing services in the newly created circumstances of the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the Zagreb earthquake" (small projects).

Reported and updates by CARe Ambassador in Croatia-

Radmila Stojanovic Babic (Ada)

Ada is a Social Pedagogue and Integrative Psychotherapist. She is also the president of the NGO SUSRET in Croatia Zagreb.

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