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Organising Committee

"NEW SHOES" Summit 2019: Inspiring new environments for recovery and inclusion

 Organising team for CARe "NEW SHOES" Summit 2019

Jean-Pierre Wilken
Professor of Social Work

Was educated as Social Scientist and Psychologist. Professor of Social Work since 2002 at HU Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. In the past he worked for as a practitioner in long term psychiatry, as a researcher and consultant at the National

Hospital Institute of the Netherlands and as trainer, developer and director of Storm Rehabilitation ... Read more

dirk copyright
Dirk den Hollander
Master in Pedagogical Studies

Dirk den Hollander was educated as a nurse a master in pedagogical studies. He worked as a care professional in several psychiatric hospitals, a general hospital and in several nursing homes, from 1972 till 1986. He has experience as a team coordinator and (interim) manager from 1981 till 1998.


Together with Jean Pierre Wilken, he developed the CARe Approach, initially in Holland but later on in several (mostly Eastern European) countries. Read more...

Zsolt Bugarszki.jpg
Zsolt Bugarszki
PhD. expert of social policy

Zsolt Bugarszki, PhD. expert of social policy. I have relevant experience in leadership of research and development projects including project management in the field of social innovation, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. As the head of Tallinn University's Social Entrepreneurship MA program I am developing and running social entrepreneurship and corporate sustainability related courses and curriculum. Using the project-based learning method I am organizing development and pre-incubation with an emphasis on social innovation. 

Jodee Lim
BSc. (Hons) Business & Management, Major in Marketing

BSc. (Hons) Business & Management, major in Marketing. Jodee's expertise is in Design and Social Media Content. Originally from Singapore, her strength is in leveraging on

content and visuals. Jodee has been working with organisations which are doing interesting, and important work ranging from social enterprises and public sector organisations in particular purpose-driven businesses. Her special interest is in organisations that might make a profit but are motivated more by the need to make a positive social or environmental impact. 

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