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Lenka Turková

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Dr. Lenka Turková,

Professional guarantor, CARe Lecturer.


Contact: Bc. Jan Dorničák

About organization ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. (Garden 2000) and its social work by CARe method.

Organization ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. is non-profit organization operating mostly in Jeseníky region, a hilly region with decreased transportation avalability. Since 1998, ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. has been dedicating to mental health and provides a comprehensive set of services in the Jeseník region to enable "return to life".


Organization ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. is using CARe method and integration of this method into our work procedures is evolving, due to time spent by adjusting it and also due to gathered experience.  This approach is integrated in all services of social rehabilitation center. Our clients are guided to empower their confidence and self-control in
order to help their recovery, we are looking for what they are best at. Their motivation and identity are supported in a way which helps clients to discover their strong assets and to build their own life story. Their knowledge and skills leading to their independency and ability to keep up with their illness are supported too. We are helping them with creating new activities and positive relationships.  


Organization ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. works with supported employment system within the CARe approach, from training places to proper work places. Clients are able to walk through the work habits and skills training system.

Clients have access to professional care and support, we help them, but we are not making things instead of them.

Organization ZAHRADA 2000 z.s. mediates contact among people who have similar experience, we are able to offer supported housing to the client.


The clients and ex-clients have been actively participating in our work for many years – people with their own experience with a mental illness who are able to pass this experience further. The peer consultant has become a stable part of our specialized team, the person is not just sharing their own experience with new clients and their family members and relatives but the person also accompanies new clients with the system of our services.

Peer gives to our specialized team a view from „the opposite side“ and is also another connecting part between the clients and workers of the services.


We are close to community care models using solution focus approach, collaborative ways of work  and we also offer an Open Dialogue within the framework of the Multidisciplinary Field Team.


ZAHRADA 2000 z.s.

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