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Czech Republic

CARe for People, Not for The Institutions!


From November 15th to 17th there was 35th Conference on Social Psychiatry in Jeseník (CZ). Its focus was recovery and transformation of Czech psychiatry. CARe CZECH Initiative hold four events (lectures, seminars, workshops) at the conference.

Team of Circus Paciento - CARe influenced social circus initiative that runs social circus projects in mental hospitals all over Czech Republic - contributed to the conference with a special so-called seminar during conference’s after party. 

Three funny dressed performers read their Re:form manifest: they asked to bring Czech psychiatry from the reform back to the (safe and exact) form. They offered congenial plan of appling for putting Czech psychiatry at the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage UNESCO, which helps to protect today’s old fashioned traditional system of Czech psychiatry from all changes and under UNESCO protection no reform could be able to change it. 

Performers offered also a lot of educational seminars, that should have helped the professionals to stick to this old fashioned patterns, such as 

Independent Decision Making as a Reason for Longer Hospitalization, 

Patient’s Feeling of Futility as Important Driver of Compliance in Psychiatry, 

From Reform to the Uniform, 

Unidisciplinarity as a Tool of Centralization of Mental Health

Housing Last etc.

We believe making fun supports hope that something can change!

Updates from Mgr. Martin Fojtíček, 24.11.2018

CARe Ambassador in Czech Republic

Pavel Říčan

Director of Centre for Mental Health Care Development

Pavel Říčan is a sociologist and a lecturer with almost 20 years of experience in community mental health services. Since 2014 he works as a Director of Centre for Mental Health Care Development based in Prague. Pavel is involved in numerous projects and innovative activities in mental health. He likes simple, effective and recovery oriented approaches. In recent years it was especially peer specialist’s involvement in practice, theory and research what occupied his professional life. Since 2013 he is engaged as a consultant for the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of social affairs helping with mental health reforms.

Martin Fojticek.jpg
Jana P. Czech Republic.JPG

CARe Ambassador in Czech Republic

Martin Fojtíček 

Regional consultant in transformation of Czech psychiatry District Plzen-North, Czech Republic


CARe Ambassador in Czech Republic

Jana Pluhaříková Pomajzlová

CARe Trainer

Occupational Therapist

A member of COTEC Register of experts in mental health


CARe Model Trainer at Centre for Mental Health Care Development in Czech Republic


Information about Current Activities in

The Platform CARe ČR in The Czech Republic



The Centre for Mental Health Care Development

The Project "Support of transformation process of care for people with mental disorders and people with learning difficulties in Moldova "

The project "Support of transformation process of care for people with mental disorders and people with learning difficulties in Moldova " (2015-2018) has brought a significant change in the life situation of people with mental illness, accelerated and positively influenced the process of transformation of care for people with mental health problems.

During the project each of the residential care institutions for adult clients, with the support of Czech experts, developed the Transformation action plan for the entire “deinstitutionalization” process.

Staff of existing institutions adopt the idea of ​​changing the attitude towards people with mental health issues, finding ways how to individualize the care, how to give more competences to clients and to support their recovery.

As a result of the start of the transformation of CARe, 9 sheltered housing was established (from different resources and also beyond the project), each for about 6 clients of residential institutions.

Currently, support for sheltered housing staff is provided through coaching and supervision, support for clients through social inclusion methods and placement in the labour market also with the support of Czech experts.

The project also aims to work with the public, especially in the regions where sheltered housings are built. The main effort is  to eliminate stigmatization of the people with disability with the support of our partner,  The People in Need.

Protected housing created during the project has enabled clients, who have lived long periods in poor conditions of the institution, to a better quality and dignified life.

Updates by: Ing. Markéta Hulmáková, 

The Centre for Mental Health Care Development, 25.11.2018

Vaclav Matuska.jpg

CARe Ambassador in Czech Republic

​Vaclav Matuska



Master's Degree in Social Work and Theology

(Prague, Pisek, The Czech Republic) 

Finished Master's Degree in Social Work and Theology at Charles University in Prague 2002. Had worked in mental health as social worker and case manager, later as teamleader and manager of organisation which he gained in Fokus NGO Prague since 1996 till 2005. Participated in development of National Standards of Quality for Social Services in CR into practise and after his training in the Tepla Training Program (CARe methodology - 2002), he participated as trainer of psycho-social rehabiliation and other seminars in Czech Republic until now. 


In 2011 he has established Cjesta NGO for education training and coaching in social services, psycho social support of the people and psycho-social rehabilitation in the Czech Republic. Has got 4 years experience with mental health in UK. 


He is a psychotherapist (Gestalt and PBSP) as well since 2001.


National (CZ) accreditation of training programms for worker in social services since 2012.

Vaclav Matuska has conducted 4 trainings as a national qualification for workers in social services which Job centre CZ.

With CARe method, they have got 2 days together and they were working with personal profile and personal plan.


The dates were:

Usti nad Labem        21.5. - 20.6. 2018

Jablonec nad Nisou 27.8. - 27.9. 2018

Liberec                      4.9. - 5.10. 2018

Usti nad Labem        1.11. - 3.12. 2018


CARe Ambassador in Czech Republic

Škvorová Lenka

Tepla 3 CARe Train-the-Trainers Programme 2015/2017

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