Dimitar Germanov

CARe Ambassador in Bulgaria

Dimitar Germanov

Master degree in Psychology from Sofia University

Dimitar Germanov graduated his master degree in Psychology from Sofia University and his master degree in Clinical Social Work in New Bulgarian University – both in Sofia. From 1999 till 2001 he has successfully completed the training programme “Community Mental Health and Psycho Social Rehabilitation” of Storm Rehabilitation.

Now Dimitar Germanov studies in PhD Program in the Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Massachusetts, US. Dimitar Germanov has worked in the field of community psychiatry and psychosocial rehabilitation since 1998. From 2006 to2009 he was a Chairperson of the Association for the Development of Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Bulgaria. Now he is a Clinical Director in the Community Mental Health Centre, run by Foundation “GIP – Sofia”. Dimitar Germanov is interested in introducing the recovery vision in the practice of psychosocial rehabilitation and community care in Bulgaria.

CARe Ambassador in Bulgaria

Petya Raeva

Psychotherapist, psychiatrist

Petya Raeva graduated with her medical degree in 1984 from the Pleven Medical University. She completed all her psychiatric training at the Medical University Sofia.

She worked as a psychiatrist and Head of Acute Psychosis Ward at the biggest Psychiatric Hospital in Bulgaria – Radnevo and at Psychiatric Clinic in Sofia, from 1984 till 1999.


In 1999 together with colleagues M. Mladenova,MD and S. Vasilev, MD developed private Mental Health Care Service in Sofia. One of the programmes they worked on was Community Based Mental Health Care for young people with prodroms of psychosis.


From 2001 till 2002 Petya Raeva has completed successfully the training programme “Community Mental Health and Psycho Social Rehabilitation” of Storm Rehabilitation.


Since 2002 till 2004 she was President of Sofia Psychiatric Society.


Her special interest is psychotherapy. She is certified from International Association for Analytical Psychology and now she works as a psychotherapist on private practice in Sofia.

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