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Support to DI process in Croatia. Gabor Petri (MHE) presented report mapping exclusion and Jan Pfeiffer had excellent presentation with pitfalls and traps in DI process. Ms. Iva Prpic (assistant to the Minister of Social Affairs) held her presentation of DI process in Croatia. Two users of CARe Europe member Susret Association were also present and they had an opportunity to share their personal stories with the audience.

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Zsolt Bugarszki (Hungary) expert consultant of Mental Health Initiative has provided a short training in Bishkek to Kyrgyzstan's first User-led Clubhouse's staffs.

This really impressive group of enthusiastic people has established their own NGO called New Look on Mental Health in 2009. Shortly after their establishment, they managed to get their own office from the Government of Bishkek to serve as the first user-led Clubhouse in Kyrgyzstan. Great achievement for a good start.

Kyrgyzstan's first User-led Clubhouse
Kyrgyzstan's first User-led Clubhouse

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