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Jan Van Speybroeck

"In our Flemish Recovery Platform, we have a couple of working groups (a.o. Ropi intervision group, measuring recovery group, quarter making group).


Peer support has its own training for 4 years now. 62 people followed a training till now. Recovery Academy is supported by us and this year in 12 Flemish regions an academy will start. WRAP is also introduced in Flanders, and supported by us, with ca. 20 facilitators and 3 advanced facilitators.


We are working now on a Global Plan for Peer Support, with illustration on the role peer support workers can take, what support they need or diserve, working conditions, etc." - Jan van Speybroeck

Director at the Flemish Association for Mental Health

(Vlaamse Vereniging voor Geestelijke Gezondheid) (VVGG)

After 15 years, working as a clinical psychologist / behavioral therapist in psychiatric hospitals (inwards) and private practice, I started as the director of a community mental health care centre. 8 years later I became the director of the Flemish Mental Health Association. 

This ngo / umbrella association, uniting service users (patient organisations and family organisations) and service providers, works towards a fair and ballanced perception of all aspects of mental health. Public campaigns aim to support the search for a non-stigmatizing and accepting, tolerant society. Towards the different actors, involved in mental health, the mission of VVGG is primarily uniting and supportive. With regard to mental health policies, the VVGG takes an evaluative and advisory role.


Concrete actions: antistigma projects, information and documentation, research on outcome management, conference organisation, supporting platforms regarding e-mental health and recovery. Recently, the participation of service users on the different layers of care became one of the core businesses of the association.

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